London-based production company specialising in distinctive documentaries, drama and educational programmes

Guru Busters

50' documentary about campaigners in India exposing crooked gurus and quacks, for Channel 4 and Discovery/TLC.

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The Nuclear Boy Scout

The true story of how a teenage boy tried to build a nuclear reactor in his garden shed.
"Magnificent story" - The Times

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Mike the Midwife

Meet Mike the Midwife, a man in a women’s world. How did such a fellow manage to get such a job? This is the question you will be asking as Mike visits his patients and offers opinions about childbirth that will horrify the politically correct.

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Robo Sapiens

The world's most amazing robots: a 50' documentary for Discovery/TLC and Discovery Channels worldwide.

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Big Questions

5 x 20' science series presented by Adam Hart-Davis for Channel 4 Schools. Nominated for BAFTA and Indie awards.

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Space - The Final Junkyard

50' documentary on pollution in space, for Channel 4 and Discovery/TLC.

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Sun Storm

50' documentary about the dramatic effects of solar storms on life and technology on Earth, for Channel 4 and Discovery/TLC.

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Grandpa Chatterji

30' children's drama with Saeed Jaffrey and Roshan Seth for Channel 4.

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