Eagle & Eagle was launched in 1989 as a television production company specialising in distinctive documentaries, drama and educational programmes.

More recently the company has been expanding its interests into fine art and fashion.

The company’s television productions include:

Mike the Midwife, the outrageous brainchild of writer Brian Thompson and part-time standup comedian TC Jefferson

The Nuclear Boy Scout, the true story of a boy who tried to build a nuclear reactor in his garden shed. For Channel 4’s “Alt.TV”, July 2003

Robo Sapiens,documentary special for TLC and Discovery networks worldwide, 2003

Big Questions, 5 x 20’ science series for teens, presented by Adam Hart-Davis for Channel 4 (BAFTA and Indie award nominations 2002/3)

Space - the final junkyard, 50’ documentary on pollution in space, for Channel 4 and The Learning Channel.

Guru Busters, 50’ documentary about campaigners in India exposing fraudulent gurus and quacks, for Channel 4 and The Learning Channel

Sun Storm, 50’ documentary about the dramatic effects of solar storms on life and technology on Earth, for Channel 4 and The Learning Channel

Grandpa Chatterji, 30’ children’s drama with Saeed Jaffrey and Roshan Seth for Channel 4

Picture This!, 5x20” children’s series on contemporary artists for Channel 4

Our production team has also worked with the BBC and other independents on a wide variety of programmes.

Executive producer and director Robert Eagle’s freelance credits include documentaries, drama, science and children’s programmes, including Conjoined Twins for BBC2’s Horizon; Supernatural Science, a 17 part documentary series for BBC Worldwide and Discovery, nominated for a Broadcast Award; The Dancer’s Body, a 3x50’ series for BBC2, which won the international Dance Screen award; The Solomon Treasures, a documentary for National Geographic, Arte and the History Channel investigating archaeological fraud and forgery.

Line producer and director Catharine Alen-Buckley has managed many drama and documentary programmes, including Vivaldi Unmasked (BBC), The Peterloo Massacre (RDF for Channel 4), The People’s Duchess, Nelson’s Trafalgar and Age of AIDS (Paladin Invision for Channel 4 and PBS).

Assistant producer Harry Eagle has extensive drama and documentary production experience as an assistant director, location manager and in the art department in television and feature films. He has produced and directed his own short films and has also acted as fixer for production crews visiting the UK from overseas.